Friday, September 26, 2008

Nuclear Power

70% close to the center for Senator Obama. Obama includes nuclear plants as a feasible option for energy conservation. This does not go in pair with the voices of the left which want to equate nuclear plants as equally noxious as coal plants in terms of safety of operation and impact on environment (i.e. the storage of nuclear waste issue). However, this does not go as far as McCain`s fervent support of an ambitious nuclear energy development package. This declaration, therefore, in my judgement, receives as much as 70% from the left.

Live Debate: Iraq

Senator Obama on Iraq: still questioning the legitimacy of this war. He argues that the job in Afghanistan is not done. Al-Quaeda has to be crushed. Bin Laden needs to be killed and not captured.

Score: 80% on the Right

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CNN reports that Barack Obama is going on a “faith and family tour”

Score: 65% on the Right: Senator Barack Obama will launch a charm-offensive targeting the evangelical voters. The senator from Illinois is going as far as he can on the Right without alienating his base. According to CNN, Obama will link faith to almost every issue from the economy to the environment. However, the senator will stay close to the Center by attenuating some of his words. For example, he will focus more on the necessity to reduce the number of abortions than speaking of his pro-choice position or the evangelical’s pro-life stance.